Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2.3.4 Adding Up to Green

1.    What types of professionals should be included on a project team and throughout the project in order to obtain a LEED ID credit?
Architecture or residential design, energy engineers, green builders, landscape architecture and land use planning.
2.    What specific solar orientation practices can earn LEED credit?
Put the east-west sides of the building at most 15 degrees from east-west. Glazing area on north or south walls at least 50% greater than the glazing areas of the east or west facing walls.
3.    What types of sites should be avoided in order to obtain LEED credit?
Any site that is under the 100 foot FEMA flood plain, land within 100 feet of water, land that was once parkland, or land that contains special soils.
4.    What basic landscape design practices should be followed in order to obtain LEED credits?
Drought resistant turf, do not put turf in densly shaded areas, do not use turn in areas that are over a slope of 4:1.
5.    What are some ways that architects can obtain LEED credits concerning water efficiency?
Reuse of gray water, high efficiency irrigation systems, low flow plumbing fixtures.1.    What building components or systems can be enhanced to contribute to LEED credits that promote energy efficiency?
Pipe insulation, advanced lighting package, and refrigerand tests can be used
2.    How can the choices of (or use of) materials affect the LEED rating of a home?
These could be brought from a short distance and also be materials that are easily renewable or recycleable.
3.    What is required to earn LEED credits with respect to moisture and indoor pollutants in kitchens and bathrooms?
Vents of some kind to keep the humidity below 60%. Also to haev an adequate HVAC system to remove the air pollutants.4.    From a public relations perspective, why might a company want to have a high LEED score?
This would make the place seem like a better place to work for employees and this also could make the process that they go through cost a lot less.

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